English Cottage Bitter - Ordinary Bitter


Recipe Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 22.5 Litres
Boil Size: 22.5 Litres
Boil Time: 90 Minutes
Efficiency: 89%
OG: 1.037
FG: 1.009
ABV: 3.67%
Bitterness: 79.22 (tinseth)
IBU/OG: 2.14
Color: 6° SRM
Calories: 182 per 500ml
Light in alcohol yet dry and hoppy with good bitterness, ideal as an aperitif or session bitter.


fermentable / amount / ppg / l / usage
Maris Otter Pale, 0.5 kg (16.4%), 38 ppg, 3 L, Mash
Golden Promise, 2 kg (65.6%), 37 ppg, 3 L, Mash
Crystal 100, 0.25 kg (8.2%), 34 ppg, 50 L, Mash
Rye Malt, 0.1 kg (3.3%), 38 ppg, 3 L, Mash
Wheat Malt, 0.1 kg (3.3%), 37 ppg, 2 L, Mash
Torrified Wheat, 0.1 kg (3.3%), 36 ppg, 2 L, Mash


hop / amount / usage / time / AA / IBUs
Northern Brewer, 50 gr (Whole/Plug), Boil, 90 Minutes, 9.6, 59.16
Northern Brewer, 50 gr (Whole/Plug), Boil, 10 Minutes, 9.6, 20.05


ingredient / amount / time / name / usage
Gypsum, 12 gr, 180 minutes, Mash
Irish Moss, 5 gr, 15 minutes, Boil
Yeast Nutrient, 10 gr, 0 minutes, Primary


Mashed for 3 hours in approximately 8 litres of hot water in a 12 litre metal bucket with lid, in a temperature-controlled oven set at 65C. Filtered and sparged through grain husks with hot tap water to a plastic boiling bin (with electric element) to about 22.5 litres volume. Boiled for 90 minutes with leaf hops, adding more leaf hops 10 minutes before end of boil. Fermented in a 22.5 litre fermentation bin with air lock for around 2 weeks until bubbling subsides, at about 16C. Then transferred to a keg to rest for at least 2 weeks before bottling. Dry hopping with an extra 50g leaf hops is sometimes done at this stage. Added half teaspoon of sugar to each swing-top bottle plus a few grains of brewer's yeast on end of teaspoon for secondary fermentation. My own figures for OG and FG are 1.033 and 1.006 to give 3.7% alcohol. The 3 hour mash in the oven is very efficient in converting all available starch to sugar.
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